Audio Podcasting

Audio Podcasts Can Be Even Better Than Video

Why? Podcasts are convenient, portable and inexpensive to produce.

Fact is, that busy people prefer listening over watching because it allows them to multi-task.

Whether that’s driving, exercising or walking the dog, we can consume audio programs without having to focus all of the attention a video requires.

Podcasts are growing in popularity and even the big players have taken notice. While most people have not yet figured out how to properly use audio content as a marketing tool, you can get an early lead by using our podcasting strategy to build your authority and trust online and convert that advantage to sales.

With a dedicated mobile app such as Apple’s Podcasts App, you can browse, download and subscribe to fun, relevant and informative programs that you can listen to anytime on your laptop, smartphone or web-enabled TV.

Let us produce your Podcast for you and take the technical hassles away!

Your very own radio show on the web – We’ll help you get your show on the air quickly and easily.

Working side-by-side, we’ll help you target your show, outline the content, and coach you through the process, even if you’ve never done anything like this before.

We’ll cast you and/or a professional host and train you in broadcast and interview techniques.

Or if you prefer, you can simply provide the content and we’ll present it in a dynamic way that engages your audience.

Perfect Quality Audio is Essential

Our professional audio engineers record, mix and master the best-sounding shows on earth, and that’s not exaggerating! Our engineers have worked in broadcasting and on albums with grammy-winning artists and are considered to be the best in the business.

Ever listen to a low-quality audio program–a radio show or books on tape–that actually hurt your ears and exhausted your senses?  No matter how good the content, nobody will tolerate poor audio and neither will we.

Using only industry-standard, pro audio recording gear and broadcast microphones, your show’s audio quality is guaranteed to be in the top 1% of all podcasts on the web. Even if we record on location, we’ll make sure we capture and mix the best sound possible to ensure your listeners have a positive experience.

Build Your Authority With Your Own Podcast And Leave The Others In The Dust!