Copywriting – Your 24/7 Salesman

Good copywriting can influence a targeted reader to take whatever action you want.

A good copywriter knows his product intimately, its benefits, strengths and weaknesses, and all possible buying objections.

The copywriter understands headlines, proof elements, the offer and risk-reversal techniques.

Copywriting is focused and has a hidden structure, based on human psychology, a slippery slide that’s hard to resist.

Copywriting is the foundation of our Content Marketing Strategy.

Whether its an article, podcast or video, solid copywriting is essential to engaging your audience.

To create effective copy, you not only need to understand your product but you also need a laser-targeted prospect. We’ll help you define that prospect so you’ll know what motivates him.

We produce content that satisfies your prospect’s need for information–to teach him something or solve a problem–while subtly proving your authority and creating a trusted relationship.

Your content is permanent and working for you all the time.

It all comes down to getting found in the search rankings but people are always trying to game the system. So Google responds and changes the rules all the time.

But you never have to worry about that because you make content that the search engines like.

Unlike paid placement, which evaporates when you stop paying, quality content is permanent and cumulative.

Now you can focus on productive, business-building activities and end the hassle of trying to keep up with the latest SEO trends.

As they say when it comes to advertising, “Copy Is King!”